Cell groups are:

An opportunity to get deeper into the word of God and to learn more about Him. Taking place within more informal and relaxed environments, cell groups are catered for all ages of people and at any level of understanding of Christianity.

Foundational cell groups: Ideal for new Christians and anyone wanting to understand more about God.

C.L.A.Y with Kim & Jonathan - Wednesday 7:00pm. 11-16 year olds. Foundational.

Alpha - Wednesday 7:00pm. All ages. Foundational.

Intermediate cell groups: For people with a good understanding of the basics of Christianity and who want to know more.

Mark & Kelly Sherwood - Tuesday 7:30pm. All ages. Intermediate.

Advanced cell groups: For anyone with a firm understanding of the word, an opportunity to stretch yourself.

John Powell - Wednesday 7:30pm. All ages. Advanced.